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Become a Member of the African Violet Council of Florida !

Being a member of AVCF is a rewarding experience and has many benefits.  Chief among these, are the fellowship with other African violet fanciers, and information and knowledge exchange.  Various types of memberships and some of their
benefits are explained below.  Everyone is welcome to join!  

An Individual Subscription Member pays annual dues of $10.00, receives the quarterly newsletter and annual Directory/Yearbook, has voting rights, and may exhibit in and sell plants or supplies at Council shows.  Please click here to print the Individual Membership Form.  As stated on the form please mail it in with payment to our Treasurer, Sharon Gartner, 5036 Paradise Pond Lane, Jacksonville, FL 32207.
Wrangler's Dixie Celebration


A Commerical Member is an individual or firm that advertises and sells African violet plants or related supplies, is licensed by the State of Florida, and pays AVCF commerical membership dues of $15.00.  Please click
here to print the Commercial membership form.  A Commercial member in good standing may advertise in the Council newsletter for a fee set by the Executive Board, exhibit in Council shows, and sell at Council shows for a fee set by the Executive Board, if commercial sales are permitted by the hosting venue.

An Affiliated Club Membership is a local club which is an affiliate of the African Violet Society of America, Inc., and pays AVCF Affiliate membership dues of
$15.00 as well.  Please click here to print the Affiliated Club membership form.   Affiliated Clubs receive the quarterly newsletter and the annual Directory, but they and their individual members have no voting rights.  Their individual members may exhibit in Council shows.

An Individual Active Member is a Council member by virtue of membership in an Affiliate Club.  An Individual Active Member does not pay membership dues in the Council, does not receive the quarterly newsletter or annual Directory, and has no voting rights.  He or she may exhibit in Council shows and may sell their show plants, but may not otherwise sell plants or supplies. 

Honorary Members are recommended by the Executive board.  Please click here to print and then fill out the membership form.

Organization Memberships are open to libraries, botanical gardens and similar organizations.  Members in this class have no voting rights, nor are they permitted to exhibit in or sell plants or supplies at Council shows.  However, they receive a copy of each issue of the Council newsletter.

All memberships run from January 1st through December 31st and annual dues are payable by March 1.   Also note:   a completed memebership form must accompany your payment of dues in order to receive a password to the membership section of this website.

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