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     10/25- 10/26/2015 - Jacksonville
      "Violets by Moonlight"
      Show Chairs - Thad Scaggs

     10/25- 10/26/2014 - Altamonte Springs
      "Violets at the Opera"
       Show Chairs - Cheryl Luna

     9/28- 9/29/2013 - Clearwater
      "La Florida 500"
      Show Chairs - Phyllis King & Mary Helen Maran
      Best in Show and Best Standard - 'Rhapsody Clementine', Christel Collier

     10/20-10/21/2012 - Altamonte Springs
      "Violets and Old Saws"
      Show Chairs - Jo Anne Martinez & Mary Lou Harden
      Best in Show and Best Standard - 'Rainbow's Quiet Riot', Bobbi Johannsen

     9/29-10/2/2011 - Clearwater
      "Dancing With The Stars - And Violets Are The Stars"
      Show Chairs - Jo Anne Martinez & Mary Lou Harden
      Best in Show - 'Jolly Dear', Glenn Shelton

    10/2-4/2010 – Lakeland
"Once Upon A Time"
Show Chair - 
     Best in Show -'Buckeye Seductress', Carolee Carter
    10/2-4/2009– Tampa   
"Romancing the Violet"
Show Chair - Mary Lou Harden
     Best in Show -'Rob's Gundaroo', Jay Sespico
    10/3-5/2008 – Ocala                                                   Milky Way Trail AVCF Best in Show 2008
      "Over the Rainbow" 
      Show chair – Mary Lou Harden 
      Best in Show 'Milky Way Trail' Pam Lund 

    10/5-7/2007 – Lakeland 
    "Off the Beaten Path"
      Show Chair – Bob Green
      Best in Show 'Sassy Wonder' Christel Collier

    11/4-5/2006 – West Palm Beach 
    "Typically Tropical Violets"
      Show Chairs – Lynn DiMaio & Martha Spyridon
      Best in Show 'Wrangler's Dixie Celebration' Nancy Kast

    10/1-2/2005 – Lakeland
      "A Violet Holiday"
      Show Chair – Christel Collier
      Best in Show 'Raspberry Sizzle' Christel Collier 

    10/22-24/2004 – St. Augustine
     "A Beautiful Journey, 25 Years of Growing and Showing"
     Show Chair – Lynne Wilson & Phyllis King
     Best in Show 'Lucien Croteau' Nancy Kast

    9/25-26/2003 - Orlando
     "A Patchwork of Violets"
     Show Chair – Jean Marie Ross
     Best in Show 'Ness' Silk Reflection' Phyllis King
     10/25-27/2002- FORT LAUDERDALE
     "Americas' Beautiful"
     Show Chair – Peggy Madison
     Best in Show 'Lyon's June Bug' Lynne Wilson
    09/30/2000 – LAKELAND
     "Nature's Beauties – African Violets"
     Show Chair – Christel Collier
     Best in Show 'Optimara Modesty' Kelly Patton

     09/24-26/99 - LAKELAND
     "Milestones of the Millennium"
     Show Chair - Phyllis King
     Best in Show 'Definitely Darryl' Christel Collier    
    10/9-11/98 - Fort Lauderdale 
      "Caribbean Violets"
      Show Chair - Janice Stencil 
      Best in Show 'Grandmother's Halo', Phyllis King

    10/26-27/96 - TAMPA
      "Ain't It Grand"
     Show Chair - Jo Anne Martinez
     Best in Show 'The Alps' Phyllis King

    10/28-29/95 -WINTER PARK 
     "Happy Birthday! Sweet 16" 
     Show Chairs - Barbara Robinson & Lauretta McElwain 
     Best in Show 'Pensi Orchid' Phyllis King

     10/8-9/94 - WINTER HAVEN 
     "A World of Violets" 
      Show Chair - Christel Collier 
      Best in Show 'Wrangler's Luv Texas' Phyllis King

     9/23-25/93 - CLEARWATER 
      "Clowning around with Violets" 
      Show Chair - Bob Green 
      Best in Show 'Evangeline' Rita Hilton
     10/18-20/9l - FORT LAUDERDALE 
      "Ports of Call" 
      Show Chair - Linda Marshall 
      Best in Show 'Georgia Lover' Rita Hilton

     10/27-28/90 - ORLANDO 
      "A Space Odyssey" 
      Show Chair - Alyce Droege 
      Best in Show 'Ness Ballyhoo Blue' Rita Hilton

    10/28-29/89 - TAMPA
      "Violets On The Go"
      Show Chairman - Jo Anne Martinez
      Best in Show 'Georgia Lover' Judy Partain

    10/29-30/88 - WINTER HAVEN
      "Violet Treasures"
      Show Chairs - Liz Farnsworth & Carol Schreck
      Best in Show 'Swampland' Rita Hilton

     10/19-20/85 - TAMPA
      "A Festival of Violets"
      Show Chair - Mary Lou Harden
      Best in Show 'DoDe' Judy Partain 

    4/28-29/84 - MELBOURNE
      "Of Thee I Sing"
      Show Chair - Bob Green
      Best in Show 'Strawberry Ripple' Echo Keller

    4/16-17/83 - CLEARWATER
      "Alice in Violet Land"
      Show Chairs - Gil Cooper & Dorothea Gill
      Best in Show 'Chisholm Trail' Lea Plaire

    5/15-16/82 - WINTER PARK
      "Violets on TV"
      Show Chair - Catherine Boxberger
      Best in Show 'Alfred' Judy Partain 

    3/21-22/81 - JACKSONVILLE
      "Violets Highlight Florida"
      Show Chair - Judson Hayes
      Best in Show 'Polaris' Lea Plaire
     4/19-20/80 - TAMPA
      "Violet Rhythms"
      Show Chair - Marjorie Abdoney
      Best in Show 'Alouette' Bob Green



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