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First Lakeland African Violet Society 2013 Show

Congratulations to the First Lakeland African Violet Society of Florida who won the AVSA Awarded Standard Show Achievement Award for this show!    What a great honor to be recognized for the very high quality of show plants presented by this club at the show!

Following are pictures from the 2013 First Lakeland Violet Show and Sale !
The theme was "A Child's Garden of Verses". 

If you right click on a photo you can view an enlarged copy.  

Click here to open a detailed list of First Lakeland's Show Results.

The final photo shows the Achievement Award presented by the African Violet Society of America to the Lakeland AVS.

The photos above are of the Show Theme:  'A Child's Garden of Verses', Best in Show:  Heinz's Good Vibrations,  Second Best in Show:  Optimara's Little Moonstone, and Best AVSA collection.

This set of photos are of the Best Trailer:  Cherokee Trail, Best Chimera:  Enigma, Best Sport:  Ma's Grape Escape, and Best Vintage Violet:  Wrangler's Dixie Celebration.

This set of photos illustrate Best Gesneriad:  Primulina Patina, Second Best Gesneriad:  Episcia Thad's Coral Reef, Best in Design:  Railway Carraige and Second Best in Design:  The Wind.    

Pictured in this set of photos are Carol Ann Burrell and Jean Marie Ross processing show entries.  Next, Mary Jane DeLorenzo answers questions at the Education booth.  Thank you, ladies!  

Last, but not least, this photo is of the overall very high show score of 99.2 out of 100 leading to the Achievement Award bestowed by the African Violet Society of America (AVSA) on the First Lakeland African Violet Society of Florida.    Remember to double click or right click on the photos to view an enlarged copy.

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