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AVCF Spring Programs

Jim Boyer, President of the Tampa African Violet Society, presented a very intriguing program on "Lighting for African Violets" during the Spring 2013 AVCF meeting.

He also handed out a list of related articles from the African Violet Magazine.  Here is that list:

'Growing African Violets Under Lights' - Sept/Oct 2012
'African Violet Lighting Basics, Part 1' - Nov/Dec 2012
'African Violet Lighting Basics, Part 2' - Mar/Apr 2013
'Growing in Natural Light, Part 1' - May/Jun 2012
'Growing in Natural Light, Part 2' - Jul/Aug 2012

Jim maintains 'Jim Boyer's Compilation of Helpful Horticultural Tips' as well.  You can view these under the 'AVCF Member's Pages' tab under the 'Info and Articles' tab on this website.  Please continue to send him updates and/or new tips at Jasb39@gmail.com.

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