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'Most Wanted' -

The way it works:  below is a list with contact information and the AV or other gesneriad that the individual is trying to find.  If you have the leaf or plant and wish to help someone else out, please contact the appropriate individual to work out the details.  Enjoy and best of luck!

Thad  at  tascaggs@gmail.com
wants This Bud's Mine, Dixie Fiesta, and
                                                         Marie Knoblock

Tammy  at  tkblaze@bellsouth.net  wants Buckeye Country Charm 
                                                        Snow Cherub, Mac's Halcyons Horizon,
                                                        Ms. Smarty Pants, and Little Hopi Sport

Linda P at  laprice41@yahoo.com  wants Buckeye Buttercream

Laura  at  laplin54@yahoo.com  wants Rebel's Restless Heart, Iceberg, Bullfight,
                                                              Pink Feathers and Black Jack Supreme

Pam at dnpbraun@basicisp.net wants Irish Flirt

Linda S at L77eagle2@embarqmail.com wants Rhapsodie Linda, Rhapsodie Lisa and
                                                                           Rhapsodie Susi

(last updated October 26, 2015)

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